Google Play 구글 플레이: Literal meanings with broken grammar 07


Shipping & delivery
내 주문 상품은 어디에 있나요?
->Awkward title, ‘where is my item that I ordered?’

To check your order status, go to ‘My orders’ and click ‘Info’ for the latest update.
주문 상태를 보려면 ‘내 주문’으로 이동하고 ‘정보’를 클릭하여 최신 업데이트를 확인하세요.
->’latest update’ reads a literam meaning so it doesn’t fit and the meaning is misleading in context. The ‘info’ is not system-related.

To make sure your order gets delivered by December 25, place an order for an “in stock” item before the date listed in the 2013 holiday shipping schedule.
주문 상품을 12월 25일까지 받을 수 있도록 하려면, 아래 명시된 날짜 이전에 ‘재고 있는’ 상품을 주문하세요.
->Literal meaning ‘gets delivered’ sounds awkward and ‘in stock’ don’t flow in context.

(Ship time varies by selected shipping method)
(배송 시간은 선택한 배송 방법에 따라 다름)
->Literal meaning ‘ship time’ delivers a different meaning in context.

Order arrives at shipping address
주문 상품이 배송 주소에 도착
->Literal meaning ‘shipping address’ doesn’t fit in context.

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