hollywoodcasinocharlestown.com 헐리우드 카지노: semantically broken 04

source: http://www.hollywoodcasinocharlestown.com/Entertainment
target: http://ko.hollywoodcasinocharlestown.com/Entertainment

->Wrongfully transliterated. The rapper name reads two different spellings in URLs.

The Ultimate 70’s & 80’s Dance Party!
궁극의 70/80 댄스 파티!
->’Ultimate’ reads a dictionary meaning so the title doesn’t make sense at all in context.

Put your dancing shoes on and get ready to rewind! It’s Boogie Nights at the H Lounge every Friday night, where you can groove to all your favorite 70’s and 80’s hits with special guest appearances from Mr. Boogie, Roller Girl and more.
비비기 좋은 신발을 신고 과거로 돌아갈 준비를 하세요! 매주 금요일은 H 라운지에서 춤판이 벌어지는 날입니다. 미스터 부기, 롤러걸 등 다양한 게스트와 함께 70년대와 80년대의 히트곡에 맞춰 신나게 춤을 추세요.
->The translations deliver the literal meanings so the tone sounds very funny. Some of the verbs read low words.

Check out some of the performers that have rocked the H Lounge stage!
H 라운지 무대를 뜨겁게 달군 가수와 연주자들을 소개합니다!
->’performers’ is incorrectly translated. The term doesn’t mean ‘singers and instrumentalists’ in context.

For private party information or to purchase VIP tickets
For upcoming concerts. Contact Marty Codd at 304-724-4815 or
Send an email to Martin.Codd@pngaming.com.
개인파티안내가필 요하거나예 정된 콘서트의 VIP 티켓을 구매하려면
Marty Cood (전화304-724-4815또는
이메일 Martin.Cood@Pngaming.com) 에게문의하십시오.
->In this banner, the space rule is completely ignored. To make matters worse, the contact name and email are not even proofread properly.

Overall Rating: 6/10

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