유레일: semantically broken 19


Your Eurail pass also entitles you to fantastic offers on many ferry routes within Europe. Travel by ferry between countries and experience Europe from a different viewpoint!
유레일 패스는 유럽의 여러 페리 노선에서 높은 할인 혜택을 제공합니다. 국가 간을 페리로 여행하시면서 유럽의 새로운 문화를 체험해 보십시오.
->The sentence follows English grammar so the meaning of ‘on many ferry routes’ is not clear in context whether it means ‘discounted services in many ferry routes’ or ‘discounted rates for Eurail passes.’

Check out your shipping options now and find out what the delivery times are and when you will receive your Eurail pass!
배송 옵션을 살펴보시고, 배송 시간과 고객님이 언제 유레일 패스를 받을 수 있는지를 확인해 보십시오.
->The sentence follows English grammar. The subject part is parallelled with a noun ‘delivery times’ so the sentence flow doesn’t sound natural.

eurail_en_19 eurail_ko_19

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