유레일: semantically broken 17


Travel resources for your Eurail trip
Travel resources to help you plan your Eurail trip
유레일 여행을 위한 여행 정보
유레일 여행에 도움이 되는 정보
->The redundant titles without adding ‘plan.’

Overview of participating rail companies.
참여 열차 회사 소개
->The description ends with a noun and is not consistent with others.

View the currency of each Eurail country.
각 유레일 국가의 통화를 알아보십시오.
->’each Eurail country’ reads a dictionary meaning following the order in English. The verb also reads a commanding tone all over the places. In Korean, the verbs should be in a suggestive-polite tone at all times.

How to get from Europe’s most popular airports to the city center.
유럽의 주요 공항에서 도시 중심부까지 가는 방법을 안내합니다.
->’to get’ reads a plain verb instead of applying a proper noun.

eurail_en_17 eurail_ko_17

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