유레일: semantically broken 08


Don’t let the loss or theft of your Eurail pass spoil your holiday. Pass Loss & Theft Coverage protects your valuable Eurail pass at a small additional cost. Protect your train pass, when you order online with us and avoid wasting money on expensive replacement tickets. With Pass Loss & Theft Coverage these extra costs will be covered, up to the remaining value of your pass.
유레일 패스 분실이나 도난이 발생해도 여행을 망치실 필요가 없습니다. 약간의 추가 비용으로 패스 분실 및 도난 보상을 통해 귀중한 유레일 패스를 보호하십시오. Eurail.Com에서 온라인으로 주문하실 때 열차 패스 보호 옵션을 선택하시면 비싼 임시 티켓으로 인한 낭비를 방지하실 수 있습니다. 임시 티켓으로 인한 추가 비용은 패스 분실 및 도난 보상을 통해 패스의 잔존 가치에 이르기까지 보상 받으실 수 있습니다.
->A low verb is used for ‘spoil’ and the verb doesn’t agree to the subject part. The second sentence begins two adverbial phrases so it sounds unnatural. The third sentence doesn’t deliver the meaning due to the literal delivery for “on expensive replacement tickets.’ The translation means ‘will be able to prevent from wasting money with expensive temporary ticket.’ The last sentence also doesn’t flow since the adverbial phrases are not properly placed. The beginning part reads literal ‘additional costs due to the replacement ticket.’

eurail_en_08 eurail_ko_08

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