애플: semantically broken 02


OS X Mountain Lion makes every Mac intuitive and easy to use. It also makes it simple to find, organize, share, and do just about everything. And thanks to iCloud, it makes your Mac, iPhone , iPad, and iPod touch work wonderfully together.
OS X Mountain Lion은 모든 Mac을 직관적이며 쉽게 사용하게 만들어줍니다. 또한 쉽게 찾고, 정리하고, 공유하고, 거의 모든 작업을 가능하게 해줍니다. 그리고 iCloud 덕분에 Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch가 훌륭하게 연동됩니다.
->The sentence structure follows English grammar so the tone sounds unnatural. The verbs are awkwardly conjugated to make agreeable to the inanimated subjects. In the second sentence, it doesn’t show the object target for ‘find, organize, share, and do’, which makes the tone awkward. The last sentence takes adverbial phrase at the beginning, which put the long subject part in the middle of the sentence.

apple_en_02 apple_ko_02

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