유레일: semantically broken 04


eurail_en_04 eurail_ko_04


























There is a limited seat allocation for Eurail pass holders at a €9 fee. When this allocation is full, pass holders must buy a full fare ticket.
These fares are only valid for domestic routes within France.
€9 수수료에 유레일 패스 소지자를 위한 좌석 배정은 한정되어 있습니다. 이 배정이 완료될 경우, 패스 소지자는 정상 요금을 지불하고 표를 구입해야 합니다.
이 요금은 프랑스 내 국내 경로에만 유효합니다.
->The sentence structure follows English grammar so the meaning is quite ambiguous. The first sentence doesn’t deliver the meaning at all. ‘at a €9 fee’ comes at the beginning of the sentence so it is not clear whether it modifies ‘limited’ or ‘allocation’ in translated sentence. Literally it means ‘the seat allocation is limited even if you pay a €9 fee.’ The word ‘full’ delivers a meaning ‘process’ in context. The subject bodies refer to the ‘ticket office’ in sub-clause and ‘pass holders’ in main-clause so the flow sounds unnatural.
‘domestic routes within France’ is translated to a dictionary meaning. The ‘country’ is repeated in translation so the sentence notes two countries inadvertently, ‘within France’ and ‘within Korea.’


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