델타항공: semantically broken 06


delta_en_06 delta_ko_06
사용자 이름
->The term ‘login ID’ reads a plain term

->The title of the drop-down box reads a dictionary meaning without adding ‘number.’

Purchase before April 30, 2013 to enjoy this special offer.
스페셜 혜택을 받으시려면 4월 30, 2013까지 구매를 완료하시기 바랍니다.
->The date format is not properly applied. The order of the date reads English format and the date units are missing. ‘special’ is not consistent with the one in other URLs.

(back translation) You won’t get bored if you download prior to boarding.
탑승 전에 다운로드하면 지루할 틈이 없습니다
->The sentence reads a dictionary wording so ‘get bored’ doesn’t get along with the conditional clause.

Upgrade to Economy Comfort
컴포트로 승급하십시오
->The verb ending doesn’t fit into the context since ‘upgrade’ cannot be done randomly by passenters’ will.

Enjoy 3-4 of extra legroom with Economy Comfort
이코노미 컴포트로 추가 3-4의 발치공간을 누리십시오
->The verb ‘enjoy’ sounds awkward in context.

Check in, get flight alerts and more – it’s like a Red Coat in the palm of your hand.
체크인, 항공편 통지 등, 고객님 손 안에 있는 유용한 안내도구입니다.
->The sentence reads a dictionary wording. ‘in the palm of your hand’ sounds awkward.

@DELTAASSIST is listening and ready to help 24/7
@DELTAASSIST는 24시간/7일 고객의 곁에서 도움을 제공합니다.
->’24/7′ is not localized properly. The adverbial phrase ‘beside customers’ sounds awkward.

Keep climing
지속적으로 도약합니다
->The sentence reads a dictionary wording. ‘climing’ is not a continuous action verb so it sounds awkward.

Delta Logo
->The company logo is translated into ‘Delta is’ which is out of context.


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