유레일: semantically broken 02


eurail_en_02 eurail_ko_02













































Get help with which Eurail pass to buy and how to travel Europe with Eurail passes.
어떤 유레일 패스를 구입해야 할지, 유레일 패스로 어떻게 유럽을 여행할지 결정할 때 도움이 되시기 바랍니다.
->The sentence sounds awkward since the paralleled clauses are connected with adverb forms. The verb part sounds weird and doesn’t agree to the hidden subject ‘customers.’ It literally means ‘please be helped.’

Get answers on how to choose the right pass for your trip.
Find out about how to order and receive your Eurail pass in time.
Learn about the specifics of your Eurail pass, and how to use it.
Start planning your trip and decide on destinations and routes.
Get your order status, account details or view our return policy.
->The descriptive body sentences end with awkward verbs.

Do you need help planning your trip?
Email your questions to:
여행 계획을 세우는 데 도움이 필요하신가요?
궁금한 점을 이메일로 물어보세요
->The sentence structure follows English grammar so sounds unnatural. The verb part ’email your questions’ reads a polite verb form which is not a proper wording.

Got an order, payment or refund question?
Email our order support team.
주문, 결제 또는 환불에 관해 궁금한 점이 있나요?
주문 지원팀으로 이메일하십시오.
->The verb parts in both sentences are not standard and sound awkward.

Quick question.
Post your question on
our Facebook page
빠른 응답
->The translations don’t match with the source context. The title text ‘quick question’ is translated into ‘quick answers.’ The body sentence ‘Post your question on our Facebook page’ is shortened too much and the FB hyperlink is not applied so the two noun phrases are meaningless in context.

Owned by the European Railways
소유자: European Railways
->’owned’ is translated into ‘a person who owned’ and reads an awkward noun.


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