Gengo 겡고 awkward wordings

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gengo_en gengo_ko

Order now
작업 의뢰
‘작업’ sounds informal since the ‘work’ is meant to be translation requests/quotes.

It is a dictionary meaning so it doesn’t fit to the menu title..

Developers, Customers
개발자들, 고객
One is in plural, the other singular.

Join the network
저희 네트워크에 들어오세요
The verb ‘join’ is literally translated and doesn’t fit in context.

Find answers to your questions, and get in touch here
문의 사항은 여기로 연락주십시오
‘here’ is literally translated so it directs to nowhere in context.

Contact & Support
연락처 & 지원
The full spelling 고객지원 (customer support) would be more natural as a title text.

Check the uptime of our services
저희 서비스의 작업 시간을 확인해 보세요
The term ‘uptime’ is literal. 작업 시간 (operating hours) sounds awkward and ambiguous. Since it doesn’t mean the working hours in context, 고객 지원 및 응대 시간 (customer service and response time) would be more appropriate.

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