Asiana Airlines 아시아나 항공 awkward/incorrect translations


Asiana Airlines awkward and incorrect wordings asiana_club_ko





























when a member travels with Asiana flights
탑승 시에만추가로
There is a space error in context.

Additional bonus mileage will not be provided when a member travels with alliance or unscheduled non-Asiana flights code-share.
당사와 공동 운항하는 항공편 및 비정상 운항으로 타 항공사 이용 시에는 제공되지 않습니다
The sentence doesn’t make sense at all due to the improper linking noun 및. The translation of the word ‘unscheduled’ is not correct. It reads ‘irregular’ in context.

Mileage discount coupons will be provided to members whose status have been promoted, or Elite members who meet new qualification requirements.
승급되시거나 새롭게 유지 조건을 충족하신 우수회원에게만 제공됩니다.
The two modifying phrases 승급되시거나 and 충족하신 read two different verb forms, passive and active, respectively, which makes the sentence tone awkward. The second verb 충족하신 doesn’t agree to the subject 우수회원에게만 since the subject won’t ‘meet’ the requirements by its own in terms of meaning.

the member can only use an Asiana lounges directly run by Asiana Airlines
아시아나 라운지만 이용할 수 있습니다
The verb shows inconsistent honorific form.

Free bag allowance is applied per piece for transpacific route
태평양 횡단노선은 piece를 기준으로, 기타 노선은 kg을 기준으로합니다.
The sentence contains a space error. The term ‘piece’ reads ambiguous and is not a common term in airline industry glossary.

Additional 50% mileage deduction in peak season
보너스 성수기 50% 추가 공제 면제
The translation is not correct and doesn’t match with the body sentence. The translation reads ‘exempt from additional 50% mileage deduction’, which is completely opposite with the meaning of the body text below.
Diamond members are also subject to additional 50% miles redemption.
다이아몬드 회원도 성수기에 마일리지 사용시 평수기 대비 50%를 추가 공제합니다.
There is also a space error 사용시.

It’s simple to qualify for Star Alliance Silver or Star Alliance Gold Status. If you are an Asiana Club Gold, Diamond or Diamond plus or Platinum member, you qualify for Star Elite benefits listed in the chart above.
다이아몬드 플러스 회원은 스타 얼라이언스 골드 회원의 자격을, 아시아나 클럽 골드 회원은 스타 얼라이언스 실버 회원의 자격이 부여되며,
The endings of the two phrases with the break commas are not consistent. One reads object-ending and the other subject-ending.

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