GE 제너럴 일렉트릭 awkward wordings


GE, General Electric awkward wordings

















with more than 100years
한 세기가 넘는 기간 동안 GE는
The modifying adverbial phrase is preceded by the subject GE는, which makes the tone unnatural. This type of errors appear in several URLs.

consumer’s every day needs
우리 생활에 우리 생활에 없어서는 안될
The sentence must not be proofread appropriately.

consumer’s experience
전세계 소비자들의 삶을
The sentence shows a space error 전세계 which also shows in other URLs.

sold around the world every day
제품이 다양하게 생산됩니다
The adverb doesn’t take a role in context since it modified the verb 생산됩니다 (sold). It reads that the process is producing in a variety of ways instead of meaning ‘various products.’

Jasco Products have been leading the way in consumer electronics accessories, home electronics, home automation products and electronic accessories
자스코프로덕트에서  컴퓨터 액세서리, 가정용 전자 및 전기제품 액세서리 등 GE 액세서리 제품 제조를 담당합니다.
The directional ending 에서 in subject sounds awkward. The standard subject ending 이(가) would be more appropriate.

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