Crema 크레마 iOS/Android broken grammar

Crema 크레마 iOS/Android app (ebook app)
Crema alert popup
때 (at the time of) doesn’t fit into the context since the time adverb is usually used in speech.
It should be replaced with 도서 다운로드 및 스크랩 리스트 동기화 시 요금이 과다 청구될 수 있습니다.
First off, the warning sentence is not appropriate in terms of meeting the basic requirement of the app. The coding error for “overcharge” must have been resolved before launching the app in the market. As far as the Korean grammar is concerned, the quotation marks won’t be necessary even if the term is noted a function in the app.

작성된 (written) should be replaced with 표시된 (marked) since the following functions, Bookmarks, Highlights, Memos, Last Read Pages, are noted for markers in the app. 볼 수 있도록하는 shows a space error and should read 볼 수 있는 to agree to the subject. “Cloud서비스” also shows a space error.

다음부터 보이지 않기 contains an awkward causative verb 보이지 않기,  which is a common error in app menus. It should read 다음부터 표시하지 않기.


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