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Eats, Shoots & Leaves

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GE 제너럴 일렉트릭 awkward wordings


GE, General Electric awkward wordings

















with more than 100years
한 세기가 넘는 기간 동안 GE는
The modifying adverbial phrase is preceded by the subject GE는, which makes the tone unnatural. This type of errors appear in several URLs.

consumer’s every day needs
우리 생활에 우리 생활에 없어서는 안될
The sentence must not be proofread appropriately.

consumer’s experience
전세계 소비자들의 삶을
The sentence shows a space error 전세계 which also shows in other URLs.

sold around the world every day
제품이 다양하게 생산됩니다
The adverb doesn’t take a role in context since it modified the verb 생산됩니다 (sold). It reads that the process is producing in a variety of ways instead of meaning ‘various products.’

Jasco Products have been leading the way in consumer electronics accessories, home electronics, home automation products and electronic accessories
자스코프로덕트에서  컴퓨터 액세서리, 가정용 전자 및 전기제품 액세서리 등 GE 액세서리 제품 제조를 담당합니다.
The directional ending 에서 in subject sounds awkward. The standard subject ending 이(가) would be more appropriate.

Facebook Credits 페이스북 크레딧 awkward/incorrect wordings


Facebook Credits Awkward/Incorrect wordings fb_credit_ko























a secure way to buy virtual and digital goods
아이템을 구입하는 안전한 수단입니다
The verb 구입하는 (to buy) doesn’t agree to the subject 크레딧은 since the verb doesn’t take the hidden subject ‘users.’ It must read a 구입할 수 있는 in context. ‘way’ is translated into ‘means/method’, which is not a proper term in context.

Use your credits across any supported games and apps on Facebook.
Facebook 상의 모든 지원되는 게임과 앱에서 크레딧을 사용하세요.
The modifying adjective phrase 모든 지원되는 makes the sentence tone unnatural.

Gift Card
기프트 카드
The more common term 선물 카드 should be used instead of the transliterated term 기프트 카드.

Credits are a safe and secure way to make payments online.
크레딧은 안전하고 보안이 유지되는 온라인 결제 방법입니다
결제 방법 (payments) normally means standard online/offline payment methods. ‘credits’ is not one of the standard methods to pay online so an alternative verb phrase 적립된 크레딧으로 결제할 수 있습니다 would be more appropriate in order to apply the meaning of ‘online money.’

How do I get FB Credits?
크레딧을 얻으려면?
얻으려면 (to get) sounds awkward for online contents. The more common noun 적립 is recommended.

Gift and prepaid cards are also available in retail stores.
기프트와 선물 카드는 매장에서도 구입할 수 있습니다
The translation is not correct. ‘prepaid cards’ reads ‘gift cards’ in translation.

Credits can be used in Facebook games and apps you use on your computer
Facebook 게임과 앱 사용시 이용가능합니다
The connecting word 과 separates the term ‘앱 (apps)’ from the modifying noun Facebook. The meaning misleads the users by implying ‘Facebook games and other apps.’

They are supported in countries and currencies around the world.
전세계의 국가와 통화가 지원됩니다
전세계의 shows a space error. The verb 지원됩니다 (supported) is connected to ‘countries’ and ‘currencies’ in context so the syntax doesn’t sound natural.

1922: Why I Quit Being So Accommodating

Mike Cane’s xBlog

Update: See this post for a free ePub eBook version of this long post.

A very odd essay from a 1922 issue of The American Magazine that seems to go against the general grain of most of the articles published then. There is also no name attached to it.


Why I Quit Being So Accommodating

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of my retirement from the business of being a Good Fellow. I use the word “business” advisedly. Until five years ago, if the city directory had told the truth, it would have listed after my name, as my real occupation, something like, “General Attender to Things,” or “Pinch Hitter,” or “Fine Old Scout.” I hope I am entitled in some measure to these designations even to-day. But I have quit being an accommodator and nothing else.

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Apple iCloud 애플 클라우드 awkward wordings


Apple iCloud awkward wordings

Apple iCloud awkward wordings


Start here. Finish there.
여기에서 시작하고, 저기에서 끝내세요.
This is a typical word-for-word delivery.

You can create amazing documents and presentations on your …
…로 멋진 문서와 프레젠테이션을 만들 수 있습니다.
‘presentations’ is a literal meaning and doesn’t fit in context since ‘프레젠테이션’ should come with 소개 (present/introduce) instead of 만들다 (make/create).

with iCloud
그리고 iCloud 덕분에
This phrase sounds awkward and would be redundant since the paragraph is under the subject ‘iCloud.’

you can keep that work up  to date
최신 상태로 유지할 수 있습니다
유지 (keep) is a literal meaning. The rephrased term ‘update (업데이트할 수 있습니다)’ would be natural in context to deliver the equivalent IT term.

they automatically appear everywhere
모든 기기에서 자동으로 나타납니다
The structure follows English grammar. The verb 나타납니다 sounds awkward since the documents don’t appear by themselves. A passive verb form would be more appropriate in terms of sentence flow. To put it the other way, a functional term for ‘나타납니다 (appear)’ would be needed like 자동으로 표시됩니다 or 저장됩니다.

create a to-do list on your Mac
Mac에서 할 일 목록을 만들고
‘to-do list’ 할 일 목록 is not a common term and sounds awkward.

make edits to it on your iPhone
수정하는 일이 가능해집니다.
The structure follows English grammar. The proper wording would be 수정할 수 있습니다.

Start sketching on our iPod touch
iPod touch에서 스케치를 시작해
The transliterated term ‘스케치 (sketch)’ is ambiguous in context since it may imply a work-related frame.

pick it up at the same level on your iPod touch
같은 레벨로 이어할 수도 있습니다
이어할 contains a typo error. 같은 레벨로 이어서 할 sounds literal and awkward. The better wording would be 동일한 게임 단계를 진행할 수 있습니다.