Google YouTube: Awkwardly literal 10


Reach customers
Deliver your message to the right people at the right time with video ads. Every business has an audience on YouTube.
높은 도달률
동영상 광고로 적시에 적절한 사용자에게 메시지를 전달하세요. 어떠한 비즈니스든 YouTube에서 잠재 고객을 만날 수 있습니다.
->’높은 도달률 (high reachable-rate?)’ doesn’t make sense at all. The two sentences deliver literal meanings so they don’t serve as a promo text.




Google Groups: awkward nouns 09


->An alien term.

Keyboard shortcuts and a streamlined design mean you won’t spend time waiting to read and get involved.
키보드 단축키와 간편한 디자인으로 원하는 동작을 바로 실행할 수 있습니다.
->’동작(action)’ doesn’t fit in context.

google_en google_ko 델타항공: awkward wordings 33


The Easier-to-Redeem 2015 SkyMiles
사용이 더욱 쉬워지는 2015 스카이마일스 프로그램
->The noun ‘use’ doesn’t agree to ‘program’ since the program itself is not a visible hand-carrying tool. It is also not consistent with the term in the body paragraph using an alternative spell. The beginning part also sounds awkward due to the inappropriate inanimated subject.

Enjoy up to 4 more inches of legroom, Priority Boarding and seating in the first few rows of the Economy Class cabin. On most long-haul international flights you’ll also experience up to 50% more recline.  All international routes include complimentary beer, wine and spirits.
모든 국제선 항공편에서는 맥주, 와인, 증류주가 무료로 제공됩니다.
->space error in source and target. The html code must be checked.

Plan your next getaway with exclusive deals from Delta on flights, hotels, and more.
델타항공을 이용하셔서 항공권 및 호텔 등의 특별 할인을 적용 받으세요.
->The verb part sounds awkward due to an inappropriate passive form.


delta_33_en delta_33_ko 델타항공: inconsistency 32



From KRW3,000,000
->The currency unit ‘KRW’ and the preposition ‘from’ are not consistent. The phrases are confusing since the same term reads a noun form as well as a directional adverb form, respectively. It is a common error when proofreading is not done properly.

delta_en_01 delta_en_02 delta_ko_01 delta_ko_02

Google Chrome: Literal meanings with broken grammar 08


Routinely scan your computer for malware
컴퓨터에서 주기적으로 악성코드 검사
->Literal meaning sounds awkward. Since malwares are scanned in computer, the directional verb ending won’t be appropriate in terms of sentence flow.

Uninstall unfamiliar or suspicious extensions
낯설거나 확장 프로그램 제거
->The second adjective ‘suspicious’ is missing in translation so the string doesn’t make sense at all.

Uninstall suspicious programs from your computer that you don’t remember installing.
컴퓨터에 설치한 적이 없는 의심스러운 프로그램 제거
->’don’t remember installing’ doesn’t follow the source. It reads ‘never installed’

google_en_08 google_ko_08 델타항공: semantically broken 31


Delta flyers who reach one million Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) gain extra perks. Review the advantages of being a Million Miler.
백만 메달리온 자격마일(MQM)이 넘는 델타 고객님들께서는 추가 혜택을 받으시게 됩니다. 밀리언 마일러가 받는 혜택을 확인해 보세요.
->MQM branding is inconsistently spelled. The term reads ‘million medallion’ in Korean, which is different from the other term in the title.

There are few expressions of loyalty like those demonstrated by our Million Milers™.
밀리언 마일러가 보여드리는 것과 같은 로열티에 대한 표현이 몇가지 있습니다.
->Literal translation makes the meaning out of context.

Complimentary annual Medallion status is awarded annually and is valid from beginning to end of Medallion calendar.
무료 연간 메달리온 자격은 1년 마다 제공되며, 메달리온 달력의 시작부터 마지막까지 유효합니다.
->Dictionary meaning for ‘calendar’ doesn’t fit in context.

Offers and benefits subject to change without notice.
Offers and benefits subject to change.
혜택과 특전은 사전 통지없이 변경될 수 있습니다.
특전 및 혜택은 변경될 수 있습니다.
->Unnecessary redundant in source and target.

To review the rules, please visit Membership Guide & Program Rules.
규정을 검토하시려면 회원 안내서 및 프로그램 규정으로 이동하세요.
->The term ‘review’ reads a dictionary meaning so it sounds awkward in context.

delta_31_1_en delta_31_1_ko delta_31_2_en delta_31_2_ko 애플: semantically broken 05


To fit within the Home button, the Touch ID sensor is only 170 microns thin, not much thicker than a human hair.
홈 단추 크기에 맞춰 Touch ID 센서의 두께는 사람의 머리카락보다 그리 두껍지 않은 170미크론에 불과합니다.
->The sentence doesn’t make sense since the modifying phrase doesn’t flow within the main clause.

It also maps out individual details in the ridges that are smaller than the human eye can see and even inspects minor variations in ridge direction caused by pores and edge structures.
또한 지문 굴곡에서 사람의 눈으로 볼 수 없는 작은 미세한 부분을 매핑하고 구멍 또는 가장자리 구조에 의해 생긴 지문 굴곡 방향의 사소한 차이까지도 점검합니다.
->’pores and edge structures’ reads literal meaning so the meaning is not clear in context whether it indicates the sensor or fingerprints.

Every fingerprint is unique, so it is rare that even a small section of two separate fingerprints are alike enough to register as a match for Touch ID.
모든 지문이 고유하기는 하지만 서로 다른 지문 두 개의 작은 부분이 Touch ID에 일치하는 것으로 등록될 정도로 유사한 경우도 드물게 있습니다.
->’enough to register’ reads literal meaning so it doesn’t fit in context.

The probability of this happening is 1 in 50,000 for one enrolled finger.
이러한 경우가 발생할 수 있는 가능성은 등록된 손가락당 5만분의 1입니다.
->Literal meaning and space error

After restarting your iPhone 5s
iPhone 5s 재시동 후
->awkward noun for ‘restarting’

마지막으로 iPhone 5s의 잠금을 해제한 지 48시간 이상이 경과한 경우
When more than 48 hours have elapsed from the last time you unlocked your iPhone 5s
->awkward wording for ‘last time’

To enter the Touch ID & Passcode setting
Touch ID 및 암호 설정을 입력하려면
->Incomplete sentence and inconsistent ending

This will allow you to create a longer, more complex passcode that is inherently more secure.
본질적으로 훨씬 안전한 암호를 길고 보다 복잡하게 만들 수 있습니다.
->The modifying clause distorts the meaning by saying ‘to create a longer and more complex passcode from an inherently more secure passcode.

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